An Honest Mistake

by An Honest Mistake

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released October 22, 2010

Recorded and Mixed by JD at Studio 21:05, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Mastered by Tom Waltz at Waltzmastering, Boston, USA.
All bass on Track 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6 by Alda Tan



all rights reserved


An Honest Mistake Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An Honest Mistake is a Pop-Punk band that started off in 2008 as a solo acoustic project that bloomed into a full on band. The band has played at festivals around South East Asia and has a huge following in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and of course their home country Malaysia. ... more

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Track Name: Welcome To 1994
Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to 1994
High school lovers play the game, the sweetest sound they never will forget
Prom kings and queens remain the same, the same for years and years to come
The party’s going down tonight, everybody’s dressed, everybody scream!
Track Name: I Have A Hole In My Skinnies And That's How We Roll
Put on your makeup, draw the lines
Circle round the eyes, make sure it’s fine
Plunge it low so you can turn their eyes
‘Short skirts ain’t right!’ They’re telling lies

High heels, you’re an angel in disguise
Spray perfume, ‘Boy you’re in for a surprise!’
Boy meets girl, the same rule still applies
Hit it off before the starry night sky dies

Holding hands, fingers entwined
Grab your party hats, join in the fun
Raise your glass, cheers to the night
Sing this song, oh yeah!

Get down, won’t you get down honey?
Woah! Woah!

Tap your feet to the chorus of this song
Grab your friends so you can sing-along!
Clap your hands to the chorus of this song
Grab your friends so you can sing-along!
Track Name: This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why
I’m slowly picking up the pieces of this broken faded picture
Paint the colours of the future
Hope it lasts forever

Hey! Your shoe laces are untied
Don’t look down you might just find
Cavities inside your lungs
That’s just a slip of the tongue

I can’t sleep
I can’t breathe
I’m just falling to my knees

I’m walking home alone
You’re watching TV in your room
Please don’t turn away
Promise me that you will stay

It’s another fateful day
I saw myself living a dream
Please don’t ring the alarm, I never want to feel down

Watch the tides slowly roll in
A mirror image is all I see
The secret locked inside my heart
The key is safely in your arms
Track Name: We're Set On Collision Course
The light’s out, we’re all in the dark hoping for someone to save us
From this town they call home
Don’t you go there!
Your candy sweet lips are all I’m gonna miss

I replayed it over and over again in my head
There’s nothing I can say or do
It’s our love and everything in between
We’re set on collision course

It’s raining once again, it’s pouring so hard I can hear them so loud
I wish I could lay next to you to kiss you fears away
I know it scares you but I’m here now
Everything’s gonna be just fine
Just take my hand and I’ll show you the way
Baby don’t walk away, we’ve got it so good, yeah we’ve got it so good

I’m dreaming of you, dreaming of that very day
Walking down the aisle, say ‘I love you’ and you love me too
Track Name: I'm Down With You, If You're Down With It
Hush hush now, don’t make a sound
Better not move a muscle or she just might hear you now
Just another one to the slaughter
Pop another one just to calm her

With eyes sewn shut he delivers the package
Walking out of the wreckage like a puppet living in the attic
I will never let you out of my sight
She said she will never let you out of her sight

With revenge in her eyes, it pleases her to kill him
She waits all night by his side, breathing down his neck
When he opens his eyes, all he sees is white
As paper cuts this plastic heart
He is a slave to the driver

Look it’s just going nowhere
You’re both just wasting your breath
Seconds away until the fire soon breaks out
Fast forward to the times spent
Repressed of your existence
The clock is ticking
This is the final warning!
Track Name: Light A Match, We Gotta Start A Fire
Can't you see that this is going nowhere?
We're just running round in circles once again
If you'd be there, maybe it'd be easier to know that this could last forever
Let this feeling linger on inside of you
Wake me from my sleep I could be dreaming

Seasons changed and so did you
Holding on to what we’ve known is not enough to get me through the night

Start a fire on our own
All we are is all we know
We'll burn this city down to ashes to aid our lonely hearts tonight
Turn the pages of the book
If we tried you knew we could
As for me I'd rather be alone in this lonely room

Your eyes they tangle me inside
I swear you wind me up and why can’t we rewind back to when everything was bliss?
Look in my eyes, what do u see?
Perfectly perfect together
An ending to what we may never ever be!
Over and over again
The tears you cry mean everything to me

No more crying, no more fighting
Track Name: The Snake With Limbs
Wipe off all the makeup on your face
Show the world what you are really made of
I swear I’ll find you out, I swear I’ll find you out
I swear I’ll find you out

Tell me if you’ve ever put your hope in something
Real enough that you can feel its heartbeat racing
A momentary failure of silence in your voice
Control yourself, control yourself

Let the poison seep into your mind
Playing tricks on everything that’s left inside
This conversation is going nowhere
Let the curtains fall so they’ll never see you as you are
Light the flames and
Watch this bridge burn to ashes

This is probably
Our final cut

Can you see me walking by?
With hungry eyes and breathing sighs
You’re caught off guard, caught off guard

Trapped in a fortress you’ve built for yourself
Playing king and queen and all your loyal subjects
Tragedy behind these eyes leading to your own demise
Gotta get away, gotta get away